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Bodhi Sangha Perth

Zen, Mindfulness and Meditation in the tradition of Bodhi Zendo

Please excuse us as we update our website to reflect our latest offerings and our new venue.

As of the 6th of May 2021, Bodhi Sangha Perth will meet every Thursday evening in the Vedanta Multipurpose Hall. The hall is located at 51 Golf View Street, Yokine. We meet from 6:30pm, with a second opportunity to start at 7:00pm and aim to finish around 8:15pm (but no later than 8:30pm). We currently do not have card facilities; we only have the ability to take cash.

If you are unable to make it in person, you can join us via a Zoom Meeting. Please register here for the session(s) that you wish to attend, which will send you a link to the video conference. The Zoom Meeting will not be held if there are no registrations for the session at the start time of the meeting.

If you would like more information, please use the contact form below to contact the convenor, Meath Conlan.