The following are the books written in English of Fr. AMA Samy.

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Zen: You Are Love Be Love

Chennai, India 2020

Zen: Koans for the Troubled Times

Chennai, India 2020

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Zen: Do not linger where the Buddha dwells

Chennai, India 2017

The book addresses issues as Zen realization and its practice in daily life especially in human relationships. It emphasizes that the interpersonal human community is the field of our Zen awakening and actualisation. It reflects on our human condition and tendencies and provides the reader a way to look at these through the lens of Koan and Zen practice. The book comprises 12 chapters: 1) Body-Mind realised, 2) Coral branches reflect the moon, 3) A girl comes out of Samadhi, 4) Trample on Vairocana Buddha, 5) Gates of Paradise, Gates of Hell, 6) Ordinary Mind is the Way, 7) Held in the Buddha’s Palm, 8) Manjusri’s ‘Threes and Threes’, 9) Step forth from the top of a 100’ pole, 10) Who is that One, 11) The Cypress Tree in Front Garden, 12) Hiding a Heron in the Moonlight.

ZEN: Fragrant Grasses, Falling Blossoms

Chennai, India 2016 & 2017

This book commemorates the 20th anniversary of Bodhi Zendo (6.01.2016) and the 80th
birthday of our beloved Zen Master AMA Samy (21.05.2016) who is the founder and
Director of Bodhi Zendo. The articles collected in this book are his recent writings, written
for his students (except the last chapter), some of which are his teishos given in sesshins in
2015. There are three parts to this book, 1) Zen realisation and its practice in daily life, 2) a
look at our human tendencies, Zen Buddhist and other religions, and, 3) The spiritual
practices in ashram life and the Zen practice in Bodhi Zendo. Each chapter of the book is
followed by a Zen story.

Zen: The Wayless Way

CreateSpace, June 30, 2016

"This book is more than a conceptual tour de force; it is graced by many deft, evocative
passages pointing unerringly to the reality of profound spiritual awakening and insight. To
my knowledge, no other Zen master exhibits such broadly-based learning about that which
is of ultimate value." (Steve Smith, editor of "Ways of Wisdom" and other works)

ZEN: Soundless Sound of One Hand

OUT OF STOCK. Chennai, India 2015

Various issues that practitioners struggle with during the course of Zen practice, in the ‘marketplace’, in dealing with very human issues such as addictions (Addiction and Grace) and the infirmities of old age (Embody the golden Breeze), Bodhi Zendo specific subjects such as Jukai (One head is enough) and his specific approach to Zen practice (How to go straight).

ZEN: Ancient and Modern. The Way to the Heart-Mind

Vaigarai Publishing House, Dindigul, India 2010

This book is a collection of talks and articles written by AMA Samy during the last decade 2001-2010. "Zen is a marvellous spiritual way having compassion and awakening at its very core." (AMA Samy)

Zen Meditation for Life and Death, Christians and Therapists

IJA Publictions Bangalore, India 2006

This book is a collection of some of the talks AMA Samy gave in Zen courses to his students and articles he wrote on various occasions. 1) Zen; Practice and Awakening. 2) Life and Death; Zen and Therapy; Zen and Christians; Postscript.

ZEN: Awakening to your original Face

Cre-A: Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai, Indien 2005

In this new book, AMA Samy describes the essential dimensions of Awakening. "Awakening is itself beyond discursive explanations and descriptions. But without language and understanding, the experience of Awakening will be lost like water poured on desert sands. Language and understanding are necessary to articulate one's experience, to deepen it and to realize it – to make it real and actual."

Zen Heart, Zen Mind. The Teachings of Zen Master AMA Samy

Compiled and edited by Sridevi Rao

Cre-A: Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai, Indien 2002

Zen Heart, Zen Mind is a compilation of various talks ('dharma talks' in the Zen tradition) delivered by Zen Master AMA Samy to his students during periods of intensive Zen practice. Addressing beginners as well as advanced practitioners on the Way, the book gives a full taste of Zen, with emphasis on Zen in our every day lives.

Zen: Heart Broke, Heart of Love

This book is a compilation of talks and writings from Zen Master AMA Samy on various topics. These were delivered to his students over a period of time in 2016. This book addresses issues as Zen realisation and its practice in daily life. It reflects on our human condition and tendencies and provides the reader with a way you look at these through the lens of Koan and Zen practice. It thematises Zen, Buddhism and other religions.

Zen: Save the Many Beings

These are clarifications of the Precepts. The first chapter on the precepts is a general introduction to the ethical dimension. And then follow the ten Zen precepts we use in our school, following Sanbokyoden. On each precept there are added Dogen’s and the mythical Bodhidharma’s verses; these verses are supposed to clarify the so-called Absolute level of the related precepts. They are only ornamental; they offer no substantive understanding. I clarify the precepts and give a deeper understanding to some extent. I write primarily for my students and teachers. I hope they will grasp the import of the precepts and teach the students to put them into daily practice in their lives.

Zen: Go Quickly Past Where No Buddha Dwells

A compilation of Teishos (Dharma Talks) and writings from Zen Master AMA Samy on various topics, delivered to his students at Bodhi Zendo over the period 2016 and 2017. 1) The Golden Carp is Out of the Net; Faith: Patriarchal versus Tathagata.

The Zen Way - Traditions, Transmissions, Challenges

Zen comes to stay in the West. But there are some vital questions over Zen Transmission to the West. First, what sort of legitimacy has it? Is it authentic? How rooted can it be in the new land? This brings us to the question of Christianity and Zen. Does Zen need Christianity? Or, Christianity needs Zen? Is Zen religious at all? Can a Christian be a Zen Master? There are questions of ethics and of therapy. Has therapy conquered Zen in the West? Zen has a poor record as regards ethics and justice. Should Zen now become an engaged Buddhism? Finally, in Zen Transmission to the West, what is central and what is peripheral? These are some of the questions touched upon in this probing and challenging book of AMA Samy.

ZEN: The Great Way Has No Gates

Vaigarai Publishing House, Dindigul, India 2012

A new collection of talks and articles written by Zen Master, AMA Samy. AMA Samy is rooted in Christianity and in Zen; he can be said to stand in-between Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. He stands true to Christ, true to Zen and true to the human heart-mind. It is paradoxical to say so but is seems to be the way of seekers today.
The book has two parts with each chapter finishing with a story. Part one comprises eight chapters and the second part, two chapters.

Zen: One Way to Nirvana

Stories and commentaries on the 10 Ox herding pictures plus other stories; The Way to Nirvana; Sun-faced Buddha, Moon-faced Buddha; Joshu’s Supreme Way; All the Earth is Medicine; Kanshiketsu; There is no zen teacher; There is nobody, there is only no-self; Attachment versus Non-attachment; Be True to the Eye of the True Dharma; Truth – what
is it?; Please teach me the Zen Way – go wash your bowls; Has a Dog Buddha -nature? No-it has not; Daizui and the Kalpa Fire; The Great Way; Sun-faced Buddha, Moon-faced Buddha; No, I would not tell you; The Journey of Zen Life; Zen is not Buddhism; The Whole World is One Mind; The Shadow Side in Zen.

Zen: The Book of Life

A book of Dharma Talks and writings from Zen Master AMA Samy on various topics of Zen, delivered to his students at Bodhi Zendo over a period time in 2018. Life and Death; Awakening; Awakening – what is its use?; The Play of Life; Becoming Human; Being a disciple; the Risen Life; Freedom – what is that?; Thanks to all that has been Yes to all that shall be; Self, No-self, Sunyata; The Heart of Awakening.

Chasing the Tale of Self

173 Zen Stories.
Awaken through the 10 Ox Herding pictures. These famous 10 pictures symbolise the stages of the Zen journey toward Enlightenment. Zen Masters have traditionally used the pictures and titles and added their own commentary to express their personal vision of Zen Enlightenment.

Zen is Eternal Life

Zen is Eternal Life; Don’t be deceived by others, any day or any time; Everything lies open; Mind is Buddha; Gensha’s Three Disabilities; The Whole Universe is One Mind; Dying and Being Reborn; Zen in the Age of Violence; Self Becoming the Self; Zen Actions; Emptiness is Fullness; How to transcend Life and Death.

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  • Zen: The Book of Life
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