Perth Zen Meditation Centre

Abide Where there is no Abiding

Perth Zen Meditation Centre is a place for Zen education and the practice of Awakening / Realization.

We offer Meditation and Mindfulness courses at the serene Mindful Health venue in Bedford where you can learn about the methods and benefits of meditation for your everyday life - both private and in your workplace.

Our Perth Zen Meditation Centre has been established in Perth with the permission of Indian Zen Master, Father AMA Samy SJ, and is intrinsically connected to Bodhi Zendo Meditation Centre in South India and follows AMA Samy's teachings and practices.


Is to assist you in awakening and realizing your true self beyond all concepts leading to equanimity and groundedness in your everyday life.

The Benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness

Learn to just Be

Meditation and mindfulness practices have existed for thousands of years, however, they have not been taken up so much in the western cultures until more recent times.

Spending some quiet time each day to just be alone with yourself, reflect on your life’s purpose and to contemplate the deeper questions of life itself, helps you come home to yourself, without the distractions, busyness and the myriad other demands placed on you by others and life generally.

Meditation and mindfulness help you connect with your feelings and emotions and allow these to simply ‘BE’.

OUR Charitable Arm

Little Flower Public Charitable Trust

Father AMA Samy, India’s only Zen Master and Jesuit priest and our esteemed founder, established a public charitable trust in India in 1996 to help the poorest of the poor village people in South India in his home state of Tamil Nadu.

We are honoured to support this worthy cause, and invite you to learn more about how you can also have an impact.

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