English books of Fr. AMA Samy

ZEN: Fragrant Grasses, Falling Blossoms

Chennai, India 2016

The book addresses issues as Zen realization and its practice in daily life. It reflects on our human condition and tendencies and provides the reader a way to look at these through the lens of Koan and Zen practice. It thematises Zen, Buddhism and other religions and portrays the spiritual practices in Ashram life and the Zen practice in Bodhi Zendo.

ZEN: Soundless Sound of One Hand

Chennai, India 2015

Various issues that practitioners struggle with during the course of Zen practice, in the ‘marketplace’, in dealing with very human issues such as addictions (Addiction and Grace) and the infirmities of old age (Embody the golden Breeze), Bodhi Zendo specific subjects such as Jukai (One head is enough) and his specific approach to Zen practice (How to go straight).

ZEN: The Great Way Has No Gates

Vaigarai Publishing House, Dindigul, India 2012

The book is a collection of talks and articles written by AMA Samy

ZEN: Ancient and Modern. The Way to the Heart-Mind

Vaigarai Publishing House, Dindigul, India 2010

This book is a collection of talks and articles written by AMA Samy during the last decade 2001-2010. “Zen is a marvellous spiritual way having compassion and awakening at its very core.” (AMA Samy)

Zen Meditation for Life and Death, Christians and Therapists

IJA Publictions Bangalore, India 2006

This book is a collection of some of the talks Ama Samy gave in zen courses to his students and also of the articles he wrote in various occasions. The first part consists of zen talks presenting the zen wy and practice and pointing to zen awakening and realization; it deals with zen as such and is meant for serious zen students. The second part is on how zen approaches death. The third part deals with therapy and its relation to zen.

ZEN: Awakening to your original Face

Cre-A: Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai, Indien 2005

In this new book, AMA Samy describes the essential dimensions of Awakening. “Awakening is itself beyond discursive explanations and descriptions. But without language and understanding, the experience of Awakening will be lost like water poured on desert sands. Language and understanding are necessary to articulate one’s experience, to deepen it and to realize it – to make it real and actual.”

Zen Heart, Zen Mind. The Teachings of Zen Master AMA Samy

Compiled and edited by Sridevi Rao

Cre-A: Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai, Indien 2002

Zen Heart, Zen Mind is a compilation of various talks (‘dharma talks’ in the Zen tradition) delivered by Zen Master AMA Samy to his students during periods of intensive Zen practice. Addressing beginners as well as advanced practitioners on the Way, the book gives a full taste of Zen, with emphasis on Zen in our every day lives.

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